Rainy Day Cake

It was raining. Evan was bored and hungry. He went into the kitchen, but he did not find anything he wanted to eat. He saw a picture of a cake on a cookbook. It looked delicious. Evan had never baked Read more

At the Doctor’s Office

Tyrone had an appointment at the hospital. He was not sick. Once a year, he had a check-up to make sure everything was OK. He entered the hospital. The woman at the front desk smiled and asked his name. She … Read more

At the Beach

Duncan sat at the edge of the water watching Fabian. The little boy carried his bucket in both arms, occasionally bending down to pick up a pretty shell or rock. The waves chucked as they lapped against his short, fat … Read more

Different Rooms

“Excuse me, but we have a little problem,” Yvonne said to the receptionist at the counter, “We just went to our rooms, but they are not what we asked for.”
“I am sorry to hear that. Would you explain what … Read more

Happy Memories

Gerald’s mother, Belinda, was holding an old book. She said she wanted to show it to Gerald. Gerald sat next to his mother on the couch. She opened the book, which was full of pictures. “These are from my childhood,” … Read more

Summer Afternoon

Maya’s apartment was very hot. She did not want to be inside. She went to the park near her house. By the entrance, there were many children playing. Some parents watched their children play.

Behind the playground, there was a … Read more

How Long Has It Been?

Cassidy looked at her watch again; a nervous habit since she already knew the time. In five more minutes, she would have been waiting at the airport for two hours. It was only two minutes since the last time she … Read more

The Book Club

Martha sat in her comfortable chair. She felt lucky. How many other women in their eighties had such a wonderful group of friends? She was glad that her grandson Don had invited her to join this reading club. She had … Read more

Get Well Soon!

Wayne coughed again. He had been coughing all morning. He did not feel good. He was tired and he had a headache. His knees and elbows ached. He looked at the clock. It was 10 am. He … Read more

Going for a Walk

Ismael wrote a letter. He did not have a stamp.

He looked out the window. It was sunny. He decided to walk to the post office. Ismael locked his door. He walked down the path to the street. At the … Read more