A Chocolate Party

Phil looked at the table. Everything was ready. He had wanted a party to celebrate moving into his new apartment, but was not good at cooking. His friend Dana suggested a chocolate fondue party because he could just cut and arrange food on plates.

Dana came early and helped make the fondue. As she brought it to the table, she said, “Don’t worry Phil. It looks great. Everyone will have a good time.”
Just then, the doorbell rang and guests began to arrive. “What a wonderful smell,” exclaimed Janet, “You have bittersweet chocolate, my favorite!”
Nick shook hands with Dana and Phil. Then he picked up a bread stick, dipped it into the chocolate, and put it in his mouth. “Can we start?” he asked. “This is delicious. I never thought about this combination. But the crumbly, yeasty bread goes well with the smooth, sweet chocolate.”

Dana laughed, “I really like savory foods with chocolate. Try this salty pretzel.”
Mary stepped up to the table. “I prefer fruity flavors with chocolate,” she said, reaching for a pineapple. “I don’t like bananas, but refreshing, citrusy flavors like oranges and pineapple are delicious.”
Soon all of the friends were gathered around the table, trying different combinations. “These buttery cookies are great with the creamy milk chocolate,” commented Cliff. “Of course, I like sweet things.”
“If you like sweet things, have a marshmallow,” offered Mary.
“That is too gooey for me!” exclaimed Nick. “I like the crispy texture of the pretzels better. The salt is a bit gritty and tangy compared to the chocolate. By the way, this chocolate is starting to taste burnt. Should we turn the heat down?”
Phil hurried to adjust the flame under the pot. “I’m so sorry,” he apologized.
Mary laughed, “No need to apologize. It is slightly bitter now, but really delicious with the mangoes. It also goes well with this moist, nutty cake. Try it.”
“We are almost out of white chocolate, so I will go to the kitchen and make some more,” said Dana.

Phil dipped a strawberry and looked around at his friends. His party was a big success.