The London Underground

Have you ever heard of the London Underground?

The London Underground is a type of public transport system in London in the United Kingdom. It is like the Subway in New York in the United States.

The London Underground is a set of trains that run on tracks under the ground and take people all over London. A lot of people like to use it because it is cheaper than owning a car and many people in London don’t have a car because parking is very expensive.

People in London sometimes call the London Underground either ‘The Underground’ or ‘The Tube’ because the tunnels look like the shape of a tube.

It first opened in 1863 and at the time it was the first underground railway in the world. Now many big cities have an underground system because it is an easy way for people to travel around and it doesn’t cause traffic jams because it is under the ground.

The London Underground now carries over one billion passengers every year and it has eleven different lines that take people to different parts of London. It even travels out of London into the suburbs, or the outer parts of the city, and you can use it to go to Heathrow Airport. This means that it is very convenient if you have just arrived in London and want to go into the centre of town. There are 270 stations now and you can get almost anywhere you need to go in the city using the London Underground.

One of the most famous slogans or sayings from the London Underground is ‘Mind the Gap’ which is a message that is played over speakers to remind passengers to be careful stepping on and off the trains. You can even get t-shirts now that say ‘Mind the Gap’ because it is such a famous expression!

Would you like to travel on the London Underground? Do you have an underground system in your country?

  • Reginaldo de Souza

    Unfortunaly in my city don’t have the underground system, but should be interessting if we had a system like the London city, maybe we don,t spend many time at the traffic