Finding Mama


Lizzie liked the theme park. She ran to look at the roller coaster.

When Lizzie turned around, she did not see her parents. She started to cry.
A man in a uniform ran from the roller coaster. He asked Lizzie some questions, “What is your name?”

Who are you looking for?” he asked.
“Mama,” Lizzie said.
Where did you last see your mama?”
Lizzie thought. Then she said, “Near the stand with the hot dogs.”
“That is very good. What clothes is she wearing today?”
“She has a pink shirt. Not a T-shirt, it has buttons. And white shorts.”
“Thank you,” the man said. He called someone on a cell phone. He explained that Lizzie was lost.

Soon, he smiled.

“We found your Mama,” the man said. “She is coming here now. Just wait a minute.” He took a tissue out of his pocket. He gave the tissue to Lizzie. She wiped her eyes.
When she looked up, she saw Mama. “Where were you?” Lizzie asked.

Mama answered, “I was worried. I am glad you are safe.” They thanked the man in the uniform. Then they went to see the rides. They held hands. They did not want to get lost again.