Riding a Bus

Dillon went to a movie on Saturday. He left his house at noon. It was a sunny day. He walked ten minutes to the bus stop. There were many people at the bus stop. The bus was very late. The people were angry. After ten minutes, one man went home. He said it was too hot to wait for a bus. Dillon waited twenty minutes. Finally, the bus came. Everyone got on the bus.

The bus moved very slowly. First, it went by a school. Ten minutes later, it went by a shopping mall. Then it went to the center of the city. In about forty minutes, it arrived at the bus station. Dillon ran to the movie theater. He arrived about 1:15. He bought a ticket and went into the theater. He bought some popcorn and a drink. Then he sat. He was just on time. The movie started at 1:30.