A Chocolate Party

Phil looked at the table. Everything was ready. He had wanted a party to celebrate moving into his new apartment, but was not good at cooking. His friend Dana suggested a chocolate fondue party because he could just cut and … Read more

What’s the difference between ‘Should’ and ‘Ought to’?

For many students who are learning English, the differences between the modals ‘should’ and ‘ought to’ are difficult to understand.

Firstly, let’s look at the differences in form between these two modal verbs. In this case ‘should’ operates as a … Read more

A New Friend

Ho Chi was surprised that someone was in the lounge. It was Adel, the player from Germany. Although Ho Chi had been hoping for some quiet after the rigorous soccer practice that morning, he smiled when Adel looked up. ThoughRead more

At the Beach

Duncan sat at the edge of the water watching Fabian. The little boy carried his bucket in both arms, occasionally bending down to pick up a pretty shell or rock. The waves chucked as they lapped against his short, fat … Read more

How Long Has It Been?

Cassidy looked at her watch again; a nervous habit since she already knew the time. In five more minutes, she would have been waiting at the airport for two hours. It was only two minutes since the last time she … Read more

An Unexpected Solution

There was a slight breeze rustling the branches of the trees. Pale green leaves were starting to form. The cool air and deep shadows along this trail usually helped Akiko wash away her cares, but today they did little to … Read more

Using Country Names

You can use one of two basic parts of speech when referring to a country. One is the name of the country itself, and the other is the adjective describing something from the country. For example: Spain is a country, … Read more

Some Restrictions Apply

Peter stopped drinking his coffee and peered at his newspaper. It seemed too good to be true. An advertisement offered a package deal to Hawaii that was cheaper than any of the plane tickets he had looked at. Excited, he … Read more

Stop! Do you know what you are doing?

For many students of English, the difference between ‘To Stop Doing Something’ and ‘To Stop To Do Something’ can be difficult to understand and to learn how to use properly.

Take these two sentences for example:

1) ‘I stopped to … Read more

Signs of Spring

Katie gazed out the window and sighed. The world was black and white. The leafless trees looked like black skeletons against the pure white background of the snow. The fence and barn were grey. Even the sky was grey, full … Read more