Using Many Adjectives


Adjectives are words which describe nouns. If there is one adjective, it is placed in front of the noun. For example: the blue house

When you use more than one adjective, they should follow a standard order:

  1. Quantity or
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The London Underground

Have you ever heard of the London Underground?

The London Underground is a type of public transport system in London in the United Kingdom. It is like the Subway in New York in the United States.

The London Underground is … Read more

Croak, Hiss, Roar!

Rosa watched happily as her niece Lily and nephew Paolo ran towards the cage of lions. They were having a better time at the zoo than she had expected. Paolo roared like a lion at the top of his lungs, … Read more

Different Rooms

“Excuse me, but we have a little problem,” Yvonne said to the receptionist at the counter, “We just went to our rooms, but they are not what we asked for.”
“I am sorry to hear that. Would you explain what … Read more

The Book Club

Martha sat in her comfortable chair. She felt lucky. How many other women in their eighties had such a wonderful group of friends? She was glad that her grandson Don had invited her to join this reading club. She had … Read more

Never Quit

The basketball bounced off the edge of the basket. Pia picked up the ball and tried throwing it again. This time, the ball did not even hit the basket. She sighed and picked up the ball again. She had been … Read more

Which One Should I Buy?

MingLi was overwhelmed by the large display of stoves. The one in his house did not heat food well. He knew that he should replace it before it was completely broken. However, there were so many at the store that … Read more

Morning on the Farm

Dave yawned as he walked to the barn. The sun was just starting to rise. He could see a few stars in the western sky. It was cold, but he could tell that it would be a warm day. He … Read more

Taking the Subway

If you live in a large city with lots of traffic, it might not be possible for you to own a car. If you’ve never taken public transportation before, it can seem a little scary. Most people who live in … Read more

In vs. Into

It is easy to confuse the prepositions “in” and “into.” Most native speakers will understand what you say if you mix them up. However, your English will sound much more natural if you use them properly. Here are some simple … Read more