Riding a Bus

Dillon went to a movie on Saturday. He left his house at noon. It was a sunny day. He walked ten minutes to the bus stop. There were many people at the bus stop. The bus was very … Read more

Things I like doing…

A ‘hobby’ is something that you like doing. Usually a hobby is something that you do in your free time.

Hobbies can be anything but often they are sports or other interesting things. They help us relax and have fun … Read more

At the Doctor’s Office

Tyrone had an appointment at the hospital. He was not sick. Once a year, he had a check-up to make sure everything was OK. He entered the hospital. The woman at the front desk smiled and asked his name. She … Read more

Summer Afternoon

Maya’s apartment was very hot. She did not want to be inside. She went to the park near her house. By the entrance, there were many children playing. Some parents watched their children play.

Behind the playground, there was a … Read more

Going for a Walk

Ismael wrote a letter. He did not have a stamp.

He looked out the window. It was sunny. He decided to walk to the post office. Ismael locked his door. He walked down the path to the street. At the … Read more

I Want a Cat!

Chase’s father was in the living room.
Chase said, “Papa, I want a cat.”

Chase’s father said, “It is not easy to own a cat. You need to feed it every day.”
Chase answered, “I can.”
“You need a bowl … Read more

Getting Ready for Work

Lisa is getting ready for work. She is going to her job as a dentist. First, she washes her face. She puts on her clothes second. Then she makes breakfast. Today she will have fresh fruit, yogurt, and pancakes. She … Read more

Buying New Clothes

Chris was at the mall. She saw a blue shirt in a store. She went into the store. The shirt was too small.


She asked if the store had a larger size. The clerk found a larger shirt. The shirt … Read more

A Trip to California

James is on vacation. It is his first time in California. He is in the airport. He can take a taxi, but taxis are expensive. So he decides to take a train.


He pays for the ticket. Then … Read more

Tea time in the United Kingdom.

People in the United Kingdom love to drink tea.

You can drink tea in the morning, afternoon, or evening, but a lot of people like drinking tea at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon with some snacks. This is … Read more