The Book Club

Martha sat in her comfortable chair. She felt lucky. How many other women in their eighties had such a wonderful group of friends? She was glad that her grandson Don had invited her to join this reading club. She had … Read more

Get Well Soon!

Wayne coughed again. He had been coughing all morning. He did not feel good. He was tired and he had a headache. His knees and elbows ached. He looked at the clock. It was 10 am. He … Read more

Going for a Walk

Ismael wrote a letter. He did not have a stamp.

He looked out the window. It was sunny. He decided to walk to the post office. Ismael locked his door. He walked down the path to the street. At the … Read more

An Unexpected Solution

There was a slight breeze rustling the branches of the trees. Pale green leaves were starting to form. The cool air and deep shadows along this trail usually helped Akiko wash away her cares, but today they did little to … Read more

Never Quit

The basketball bounced off the edge of the basket. Pia picked up the ball and tried throwing it again. This time, the ball did not even hit the basket. She sighed and picked up the ball again. She had been … Read more

A Picnic with Friends

LeDante was excited. It was a sunny day. He was going on a picnic with his friends Gil and Sarah. Gil said, “I will bring bread and fruit. We can make sandwiches.”

Sarah said, “I will bring drinks. I have … Read more

I Want a Cat!

Chase’s father was in the living room.
Chase said, “Papa, I want a cat.”

Chase’s father said, “It is not easy to own a cat. You need to feed it every day.”
Chase answered, “I can.”
“You need a bowl … Read more

Using Country Names

You can use one of two basic parts of speech when referring to a country. One is the name of the country itself, and the other is the adjective describing something from the country. For example: Spain is a country, … Read more

Which One Should I Buy?

MingLi was overwhelmed by the large display of stoves. The one in his house did not heat food well. He knew that he should replace it before it was completely broken. However, there were so many at the store that … Read more

What Will It Be?

Gerald is surprised when he gets off the bus. The bus stop is next to an old building. In the past, the building was a flower shop. Then the flower shop closed. The building was empty for over a year. … Read more