Do you have talent?

A talent show is an event for people to do things they are very good at. Singing, dancing, acting, or playing a musical instrument (like piano, violin, or guitar) are all examples of a talent.

The history:
Many people in … Read more

Idioms in English.

Have you ever chased your tail before you explored all avenues and delivered the goods?

A lot of people might be confused by that sentence and think it sounds like nonsense, but it is another way of asking if … Read more

London or Manchester- Which one is better?

London is the capital city of England, but Manchester is often called the ‘Capital of the North’ because it is the biggest city in the north of England and London is in the south.


City of Manchester

A lot of … Read more

Explore San Diego’s Little Italy

San Diego is called America’s Finest City, because of good weather and friendly neighborhoods. Little Italy is one of its seven urban neighborhoods. Many tourists visit it when they come to San Diego, because they like the Italian restaurants, cafés, … Read more

The Best Sandwich in America!

Many children in the U.S. love hamburgers and french fries, but did you know the most popular sandwich for American kids is peanut butter and jelly (PB&J)? They like it so much that the average child eats 1,500 of these … Read more

Visit Yellowstone National Park and be Amazed!

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is the first and oldest national park in the world. It is on top of a super volcano, so it’s best known for its geysers and thermal waters. You can walk along trails over the … Read more

Boxing Day- The Holiday after Christmas.

Here is the story for you…

In the United Kingdom Boxing Day is the name for the day after Christmas Day.

In the past people or companies gave presents on the 26th of December to say ‘thank you’ to workers … Read more

Thanksgiving! America’s Favorite Food Holiday

Who doesn’t love a food holiday? In the United States the biggest food holiday is Thanksgiving. It’s celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of November. The holiday started in 1621 when Native Americans and English immigrants celebrated an autumn … Read more

Cultural Myths- Fact or Fiction?

Cultural myths are things that other people think about your country or people but are not true. Every country has them. For example, some people might think Japanese people eat sushi every day, or all Americans own a big car. … Read more

Hyperbole- The Art of Exaggeration.

Have you ever said that you were ‘starving’ when you felt hungry? ‘Shattered’ when you were tired? Had ‘a million things’ to do when you were busy? All of these are examples of hyperbole!… Read more