How to Say Bye In English Without Saying Bye

The shorter version of goodbye, bye is warm and friendly. You can use it when speaking with friends, co-workers, family, shopkeepers, people you’ve just met, and just about anyone else. Bye bye! is even more informal than bye, but … Read more

Learn English Online For Travel — 20 Different Ways to Greet Someone in English

Most conversations, whether in person, on the phone, or on a social website, begin with a greeting. In English as in any other language, the greeting sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. When you use the right … Read more

TOM’S APARTMENT AND THE GYM: Hanna’s problems and Renés flirting

Tom, Maya, and Hanna are talking about the problems with René’s recent behavior, while at the gym René is flirting with a young woman.
In this chapter you will learn that it is important to pay attention to the problems

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How to Say Sorry in English

Apologizing isn’t easy. If after a heated discussion or an argument you say only I’m sorry, your apology may seem little more than an excuse. Worse, if you deliver it in the wrong tone, it may sound somewhat accusatory. … Read more

How to Write a Compelling Business Email in English

Nowadays, emails have almost entirely supplanted letters as far as business correspondence is concerned, being easier to write and send, not to mention more environmentally-friendly. While emails are generally seen as less formal than letters, when it comes to business … Read more

TOM’S SECOND WEEK IN ‘EUTROPIA’: “A Party at the Disco.”

All the Wlinguers are at a disco, supposedly to have fun. But there is a problem between René and Hanna.

In this chapter you will learn more about the relationships among the Wlinguers and people in general, no matter what

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How to Take a Train In English

Airplanes may be the craze these days, but trains are still very much in use and, if you enjoy traveling, chances are you’ll end up sooner or later in a train station. In this lesson from our online English course … Read more

7 Common Social Media Typos and Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

In the fast world of social media and online communications, typos and grammatical mistakes are, sadly, the norm. But just because you can type quickly and post comments and message almost instantly doesn’t mean you should neglect grammar – if … Read more

Learn English For Business By Avoiding 24 Confusing Words  

Because English has such a rich vocabulary – it’s estimated that it may have as many as 1 million words – you can easily come across words that look on paper or are pronounced very similarly, and which are easy … Read more

12 Idioms You Must Know When You Learn English As ESL

Idioms are words that have a figurative meaning which they have acquired over time. Take the idiom a piece of cake. You can say, ‘My homework was a piece of cake,’ which means that your homework was very easy. A Read more