Vacations, Part III – End of the season 2 -

Tom and Maya engaged... OMG!

In this chapter you will learn more terms associated with various activities.

The day after the Wlinguers arrived at the resort was a busy one. First was a lesson for John and Hanna at the swimming pool and then … Read more

Vacations, Part II

The wlinguers on vacation

In this chapter you’ll become acquainted with a variety of things you might be interested in doing when you take a vacation.

The Wlinguers picked a place that was about a four or five hours’ drive from home. They … Read more

Vacations, part I

All the Wlinguers around a desk

In this chapter you will learn more about the old TV series I Love Lucy and about the Wlinguers plans for their vacation.

The Wlinguers are seated around a table at an upscale restaurant. They’ve just come from the … Read more

Two Announcements

Tom is speaking to their pals

In this chapter you will learn more idioms mostly connected with wedding engagements.

The Wlinguers have gone to René and Hanna’s apartment to decide how to spend the weekend. All except Tom and Maya already there.

“There’s a theatrical touring

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The Proposal

Maya and Jonh having a date

In this chapter you will see how important it is to really listen to what others are saying because often people don’t say exactly what they mean but rather imply something.

It’s Saturday shortly after noon. Tom and May have … Read more

Planning a beach vacation, Part 2

Tom will rescue Maya!In this chapter you will be introduced to more slang terms, those that have been in use for awhile and which you can feel pretty safe in using.

Tom can’t believe what happened. John immediately called the police who told … Read more

7 Tips For Improving Your Spoken English

While learning how to read and write in English is fairly easy even for the shiest of students, being able to speak English properly and have conversations with friends and native speakers is more difficult. … Read more

Planning a beach vacation, Part 1

Maya kidnapped!

In this chapter you will encounter a lot of slang terms. These are all common ones that you may want to try to use yourself

A word of advice, however: Learning slang in any language is difficult and often leads … Read more

Improve Your English Punctuation Right Now

English uses punctuation that is quite straightforward and easy to learn. If you already speak some other European language you’ll recognize in English the same punctuation symbols and rules governing their usage that you’re already familiar with. … Read more

The Interruption


In this chapter you will learn how important it is to trust your feelings, even when you’re speaking a foreign language

Tom stopped in at Maya’s apartment after work to ostensibly to ask her to help him in learning English. … Read more