Which One Should I Buy?

MingLi was overwhelmed by the large display of stoves. The one in his house did not heat food well. He knew that he should replace it before it was completely broken. However, there were so many at the store that … Read more

What Will It Be?

Gerald is surprised when he gets off the bus. The bus stop is next to an old building. In the past, the building was a flower shop. Then the flower shop closed. The building was empty for over a year. … Read more

Getting Ready for Work

Lisa is getting ready for work. She is going to her job as a dentist. First, she washes her face. She puts on her clothes second. Then she makes breakfast. Today she will have fresh fruit, yogurt, and pancakes. She … Read more

Some Restrictions Apply

Peter stopped drinking his coffee and peered at his newspaper. It seemed too good to be true. An advertisement offered a package deal to Hawaii that was cheaper than any of the plane tickets he had looked at. Excited, he … Read more

Morning on the Farm

Dave yawned as he walked to the barn. The sun was just starting to rise. He could see a few stars in the western sky. It was cold, but he could tell that it would be a warm day. He … Read more

How Many? vs How Much?

“How many” and “How much” sound similar. However, they are used to ask about different things. Here are some basic rules to follow:
Use “how many” to ask the number of countable nouns. Countable nouns are things which you can … Read more

Buying New Clothes

Chris was at the mall. She saw a blue shirt in a store. She went into the store. The shirt was too small.


She asked if the store had a larger size. The clerk found a larger shirt. The shirt … Read more

Taking the Subway

If you live in a large city with lots of traffic, it might not be possible for you to own a car. If you’ve never taken public transportation before, it can seem a little scary. Most people who live in … Read more

In vs. Into

It is easy to confuse the prepositions “in” and “into.” Most native speakers will understand what you say if you mix them up. However, your English will sound much more natural if you use them properly. Here are some simple … Read more

Man’s Best Friend

Dogs are called “man’s best friend.” Owning a dog is a lot of work. You must feed a dog every day. You must give it water and keep it clean.


You must take it to the veterinarian if it gets … Read more