A Chocolate Party

Phil looked at the table. Everything was ready. He had wanted a party to celebrate moving into his new apartment, but was not good at cooking. His friend Dana suggested a chocolate fondue party because he could just cut and … Read more

Using Many Adjectives


Adjectives are words which describe nouns. If there is one adjective, it is placed in front of the noun. For example: the blue house

When you use more than one adjective, they should follow a standard order:

  1. Quantity or
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Finding Mama


Lizzie liked the theme park. She ran to look at the roller coaster.

When Lizzie turned around, she did not see her parents. She started to cry.
A man in a uniform ran from the roller coaster. He asked … Read more

Riding a Bus

Dillon went to a movie on Saturday. He left his house at noon. It was a sunny day. He walked ten minutes to the bus stop. There were many people at the bus stop. The bus was very … Read more

What’s the difference between ‘Should’ and ‘Ought to’?

For many students who are learning English, the differences between the modals ‘should’ and ‘ought to’ are difficult to understand.

Firstly, let’s look at the differences in form between these two modal verbs. In this case ‘should’ operates as a … Read more

The London Underground

Have you ever heard of the London Underground?

The London Underground is a type of public transport system in London in the United Kingdom. It is like the Subway in New York in the United States.

The London Underground is … Read more

A Short History of the Olympic Games

Do you know about the history of the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games happen every four years but they have a long history. The first Olympic Games, or ‘the Olympics’, began in a place called Olympia in Greece. The first … Read more

Things I like doing…

A ‘hobby’ is something that you like doing. Usually a hobby is something that you do in your free time.

Hobbies can be anything but often they are sports or other interesting things. They help us relax and have fun … Read more

A New Friend

Ho Chi was surprised that someone was in the lounge. It was Adel, the player from Germany. Although Ho Chi had been hoping for some quiet after the rigorous soccer practice that morning, he smiled when Adel looked up. ThoughRead more

Croak, Hiss, Roar!

Rosa watched happily as her niece Lily and nephew Paolo ran towards the cage of lions. They were having a better time at the zoo than she had expected. Paolo roared like a lion at the top of his lungs, … Read more