The Interruption


In this chapter you will learn how important it is to trust your feelings, even when you’re speaking a foreign language

Tom stopped in at Maya’s apartment after work to ostensibly to ask her to help him in learning English. … Read more

10 English Idioms That Will Help You Express Your Feelings Better

Idioms are important because they can help us express ourselves more clearly. When you’re experiencing complex feelings, idioms can help you convey them in just a few words, making it easier for you to communicate with people. … Read more

All the Wlinguers are at a swimming pool

René is helping John swimming

In this chapter you will see that it is important to trust others when you’re learning something new.

All the Wlinguers, plus René and Hanna’s son Timothy, are at the pool. All are wearing swimming suits except John who sits … Read more

Talking About Your Family in English

If you talk with other people in English, sooner or later you’ll have to tell them about your family. In this new online English class from Wlingua you’ll learn how to describe your family to others, as well as discover … Read more

All the Wlinguers are at a city park

In this chapter you will learn that even if you don’t speak a language well or aren’t well acquainted with a country’s culture, people most often are willing to help you.

All the Wlinguers are sitting around a picnic … Read more

Talking About the Weather In English

Talking about the weather can be a good way to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, even complete strangers. For English people, remarks and discussions about the weather are so common that if you visit the United Kingdom, … Read more

English In the Workplace

Job is the standard and informal word we have in English for referring to a person’s occupation, the principal activity that someone does to earn money. Some synonyms that can be used instead are occupation, business, or the … Read more

6 Learning Tips For ESL Students

When it comes to learning English as a second language, what you do outside the classroom can have a big impact on how well and how fast you learn. Things like food and rest influence your ability to focus and … Read more

Improve your English Through Reading

Reading is an enjoyable way to improve your English, not only your vocabulary, but also your grammar and writing, as well as to expand your knowledge and stimulate your creativity. When you read you not only exercise your brain, but … Read more

5 Best Online Translation Tools

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