How to Describe Someone In English

Being able to describe how someone looks, how he or she is like, and to draw attention to their strong or weak points comes in handy during conversations of any kind, whether formal or informal, but especially when discussing … Read more


In this chapter you will learn about calling to arrange for holiday accommodations. This will include calling hotels and the airport. This will include how to convert money from one country to that used in another.

Tom tries to plan … Read more

The Right Word: Burn, Char, Cauterize, Scorch, Scald, Singe, or Sear?

Burn is the word most often used in English to refer to damage or destruction done by fire. There are, however, plenty other more specific words you can use to refer to different kinds of damage done by fire, in … Read more

How to Show Agreement and Disagreement In English

I agree is the most straightforward way to show agreement in English, while I disagree and No are common ways of showing disagreement. These expressions can be used everywhere, during a conversation face to face with another person as well … Read more

The Right Word: Aroma, Fragrance, Bouquet, Perfume, Odor, Scent, Stench, Stink

In English, there are many words that you can use to refer to the sense of smell and different types of smells. Aroma, fragrance, bouquet, perfume, odor, scent, stench, and stink can all be used to describe a smell, but … Read more

Solving the problems between René and Hanna

The Wlinguers meet to discuss different way they might try to mend the relationship between Hanna and René

In this chapter you will learn that it is important to listen and evaluate what others say. You will not pay so … Read more

How to Make a Request In English

People are more likely to give you a hand if you ask them for help politely. In English, as in most languages, there are many ways of making a request. To be able to use them effectively, it’s important to … Read more

How to Say Bye In English Without Saying Bye

The shorter version of goodbye, bye is warm and friendly. You can use it when speaking with friends, co-workers, family, shopkeepers, people you’ve just met, and just about anyone else. Bye bye! is even more informal than bye, but … Read more

Learn English Online For Travel — 20 Different Ways to Greet Someone in English

Most conversations, whether in person, on the phone, or on a social website, begin with a greeting. In English as in any other language, the greeting sets the tone for the rest of the conversation. When you use the right … Read more

TOM’S APARTMENT AND THE GYM: Hanna’s problems and Renés flirting

Tom, Maya, and Hanna are talking about the problems with René’s recent behavior, while at the gym René is flirting with a young woman.
In this chapter you will learn that it is important to pay attention to the problems

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