TOM’S SECOND WEEK IN ‘EUTROPIA’: “Problems at the Office.”

Tom’s boss is trying to explain Tom’s new job and what he needs to do. Tom doesn’t really understand him.
In this chapter you will learn that you need to have confidence in yourself, even though you are speaking a

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Learn English For Travel – Staying At a Hotel

When traveling to an English-speaking country or any international destination, knowing a few words and questions related to hotels can be of great use since it allows you to book a room, order food, and tell the staff your problems … Read more

8 things to keep in mind about your English while making a phone call

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‘The Wlinguers’- Chapter 3: Maya and John go to the airport to pick up René

In this chapter you will learn about dealing with possible problems at the airport

Maya and John are seated in at the airport waiting for René.

“I wonder how well René did in the competition?” Maya asked.
“Well, I hope,”

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8 Common Grammar Gaffes you are likely to make

Outside academic circles, good written English is steadily becoming a remnant of the past – a thing to feel nostalgic about and then forget. Rampant usage of acronyms, short forms of words (‘fab’ for fabulous, ‘rave’ for ‘ravishing’ and so … Read more

5 Essential Things about English Grammar and Writing Style

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9 English Slang Words You Should Know

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TOM’S SECOND WEEK IN ‘EUTROPIA’: How to recognize a rude gesture

Tom has recently moved to “Eutropia” and has become friends with his next-door neighbour Maya.
In this chapter you will learn about a rude gesture you often see in English-speaking countries.

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How to Haggle in English

There are occasions when you feel the price of an item is too steep. This is when you can try and haggle with the salesperson or retailer, in order to convince him/her to bring the price down. Haggling, by … Read more

How to Use Your Smartphone to Learn English

The smartphone has become an important part of people’s live. Not only do they use it for talking to their friends and loved ones, but they can also play games, browse the internet (check different websites online), go through their … Read more