Phrasal Verbs app by Wlingua: Help Eddie, part end.



Eddie ha llegado a la isla y a encontrado lo que buscaba, ¡SÍ! Es la aplicación de Phrasal Verbs de Wlingua.

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English Phrasal Verbs App: Help Eddie, part two

La última semana, os dejamos con Eddie rodeado por los “PhrasalFish”, Eddie no ha podido avanzar mucho, estos peces le dificultan mucho avanzar. Pero Eddie está contento porque ya divisa la isla, sabe que en ella encontrará algo valioso…

Dale el último empujón, cuanta más gente le guste el post, más fuerzas tendrá Eddie para llegar a la isla. Leer más

Phrasal Verbs: Help Eddie, part one

Phrasal verbs app by Wlingua. Online English course. Learning tools. Help Eddie.
Eddie necesita tu ayuda con los PhrasalFish / Eddie needs your help with the PhrasalFish

Eddie es un pirata que navega por el mar “English”. Inesperadamente, el barco de Eddie se ve acorralado por unos malignos peces llamados “PhrasalFish”, siiii, esos peces que acostumbran a molestar a todos los que navegamos por el mar “English”.  … Leer más

Daily Phrasal Verb: throw out

Phrasal Verb: throw out

Definition: discard; put in the garbage


  • If that meat smells bad, you should probably throw it out.
  • I might still want that sweater so don’t throw it out yet.
  • I wish you wouldn’t throw out my things when I’m not around.
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Daily Phrasal Verb: turn up

Phrasal Verb: turn up

Definition: be discovered by chance


  • The files have been lost, and it is widely feared that they will never turn up.
  • Unless you can turn up that document by Friday, the court will have to rule against you.
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Daily Phrasal Verb: give up

Phrasal Verb: give up

Definition: to stop trying to do something (often because it is too difficult)


  • Please give up trying to talk me into it! I won’t!
  • She was tired, so she gave up and sat down.
  • I’ll tell you the answer when you give up trying to guess.
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Daily Phrasal Verb: set back

Phrasal Verb: set back

Definition: cause a delay in scheduling


  • Some problems with the supplies have caused a set back with the building of the garage.
  • The inclement weather has proven to be a set back to our baseball game.
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Daily Phrasal Verb: tell off

Phrasal Verb: tell off

Definition: speak to someone bluntly and negatively, saying exactly what she/he did wrong; to speak angrily to someone who has done something wrong; to find fault with someone


  • I was told off by my manager for having the wrong color nail polish.
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Daily Phrasal Verb: bone up on

Phrasal Verb: bone up on

Definition: review / study thoroughly for a short time


  • We need to bone up on all the skill for the soccer game today.
  • It would be a good idea to bone up on the rules for the sweepstakes.
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Daily Phrasal Verb: bring up

Phrasal Verb: bring up

Definition: raise; rear; to take care of a child until it is fully grown and able to care for itself; to train and prepare a child for adult life.


  • After his parents went missing, it fell to his Aunt Rosa to bring up Tyler.
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